The CircleBack family of apps exists for a single reason: to help you stay connected to those who matter most.

Leveraging the minds of millions for the most accurate information possible, our family of apps keeps your mobile address book up-to-date and organized.


An Address Book for the Modern Professional

You’ve spent years building a network of contacts who can and will drive your career forward. CircleBack keeps those contacts up-to-date so you can always reach out when the time is right.

CircleBack offers:

  • Accurate, real-time updates when people in your network change jobs, titles, and contact information
  • Powerful duplicate merging that frees you from address book clutter
  • A unified address book capable of bringing contacts from Exchange, Gmail,, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more
  • Networking tools (business card scanning, email signature capture) that simplify the process of adding new contact info
  • Cloud backup that keeps your contacts safe and sound
  • Export to Salesforce


The Networker’s Best Friend

Saving new connections has never been easier. ScanBizCards offers the absolute best in business card scanning, follow-up, and storage.

ScanBizCards offers:

  • Best-in-class OCR business card scanning
  • Editable follow-up email templates for solidifying connections
  • A simple, attractive address book of all your scanned information
  • Websync technology that saves your scans to the cloud, protecting them and offering you access anywhere.

CleanUp Dupes

Address Book Deduplication on Demand

Mobile address books have a way of getting cluttered. CleanUp Dupes has a way of clearing it all out.

CleanUp Dupes offers:

  • Duplicate contact merging that quickly cleans up the messiest of address books
  • Selective auto-merge, which prevents the merging of similarly named people