Marketing events offer great opportunities to generate leads.

And trust us, events can be super expensive, even if you are not the one sponsoring them.

That said, generating leads from events is no walk in the park — especially when you are relying on traditional, archaic methods.

Also, shelling out big bucks and putting together a team of experts is not nearly enough. In fact, a lot of companies are already doing that, but to no avail.

Most of them overlook one important aspect of their whole lead generation process, that is to measure their return on investment (ROI). If you don’t even know whether you are generating qualified leads that are converting into loyal customers, then you are doing it all wrong.

Today, we are here with some great ideas that will help you maintain a steady flow of leads from the marketing events you visit.


1. Don’t Miss Out on Important Leads

You may think that you went in with a stellar plan to attend the event. You had a badge scanner in tow along with a couple of other things like your lead capture form.

But the problem is that these things don’t tell the whole story.

It may come as a shocker to you, but using all these techniques are now antiquated.

Sales representatives who are still stuck with these techniques don’t know how much they are missing out on. Because let’s face it: a lot of times attendees don’t even add their accurate information in badge scanners and lead capture forms. You will realize that so many details are either incomplete or of little to no use.

Then there’s the method of collecting business cards in fish-bowls, which is somewhat more reliable than the ones mentioned above.

However, all of these methods have one other common handicap. The problem is that amid the hustle and bustle of the event and the tasks that follow afterward, sales representatives often tend to miss out on so many leads. In fact, you would be surprised to know that so many leads don’t even make it to the CRM.

What a bummer!

But there’s a surefire way to tackle this problem. You can turn tobusiness card scanning apps like ScanBizCards that can help you import all the contacts you acquire in an event straightaway to your CRM.


2. Join Expert Panels

Another great way of maintaining a steady flow of leads at B2B events is becoming part of the expert panels. It is one thing to set up your booth at an event and it’s another thing to come across as someone with authority in your industry.

Why do you think influencer marketing has grown at such an upward trajectory? Well, one of the reasons is that the influencers portray themselves as experts in their niche and build authority in their industry over time.

Thus, if you leverage this phenomenon and join an expert panel at a B2B event, you are likely to find it way easier to generate leads. Now the attendees will be able to put more trust in your product when they see that you are someone who is a trusted and prominent face in the business.

So, try to join expert panels at the events you are attending in addition to setting up your booth.

Another great means of showing your credibility at an event is by highlighting your past success stories in your presentation. If you are hosting your own event, you can also highlight your accomplishments in your press releases or white papers you might be distributing.


3. Devise a Follow-Up Strategy

You have taken important measures to capture leads at the B2B event you recently hosted or visited. With the use of a credible business card reading app, you have even made sure that every lead gets imported to your CRM right away. Finally, you are now armed with so many qualified leads.

What’s the next step? Are you going to wait for your lead to make the first move?

If you are planning to do it, then I’d say you are heading for a disaster. You must know that you are not the only one pitching their products or services at the event. That’s why even though the event is over — but your job is just getting started.

You have to devise a full-fledged follow-up strategy to stay ahead of your competitors and try to nurture the leads as quickly as possible.

First and foremost, you have to segment your list into different batches. Make a priority list and immediately follow-up with the leads that are most likely to do business with you.

While you are at it, don’t forget to add all the leads to your lead nurture campaigns and send out newsletters including product updates, discount coupons, and so forth.


4. Try to Connect With The Decision-Makers

Your follow-up strategy is going just fine, then it’s great. However, there might be a little blip that you have overlooked.

No matter how perfect your conversations with your prospects are, it’s likely that the person you are following up with is not the right decision maker for the deal.

Naturally, you are going to meet a lot more sales representatives than upper management executives at such events. Now the problem is that you need to get in touch with the executive who is actually going to sign the dotted line and close the final deal. Engaging someone who has little to no authority over such decisions is going to take you nowhere.

That’s why it’s important to identify who you are talking to. If you could directly connect with the decision-makers — good for you. You can now get started with your follow-up strategy.

However, if you find out that the person you’ve connected with is not in the position of making such decisions, then get them to introduce you to the decision maker.


5. Stay in Touch With Your Leads

There’s no guarantee that all the leads you capture will turn into your permanent customers. Come to think of it, you are not even sure if you will be able to close the deal with at least 50 perfect of them.

However, this doesn’t mean that you forget about them altogether. The process of lead-nurturing requires a whole lot of patience and persistence.

What if you couldn’t close the deal this year, you can still send out customary newsletters to them, and when the time for the next event nears, you can connect with them again to attend the event and have a look at your booth.

To encourage them further, you can host a webinar or offer a little something extra in the form of a free trial, a freebie, and so forth.



These were some stellar ways to maintain a steady flow of leads from the B2B events you attend. But the first step is to make sure all the leads you capture at the event get imported to your CRM, otherwise, you are just wasting your time and money.

To really covert the leads, lay a perfect groundwork and be prepared with a great business card reading app in tow.

Which of these tips did you like the most to boost your lead generation efforts at events? Let us know in the comment section below!

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