Networking is at the heart of any successful sales endeavor but its repetitiveness often becomes overwhelming. However, leveraging the right tools at the right time can simplify the process and quickly complete most of the customary tasks, freeing up much-needed time and resources. This assists reps in refocusing their energies on the key tasks they are meant to execute.

Let’s check out some of the powerful networking apps for helping salespeople stay on top of their game.


ScanBizCards (iOS, Android)

Any networking professional can appreciate the efficacy of a robust card scanner app integrated with a superior character-recognition technology. ScanBizCards, equipped with state-of-the-art OCR technology, is a business card scanning and CRM export app that lets you create personal notes for each card, organize them in folders and send a quick intro email along with your picture and contact info to your network. ScanBizCards also scans all your connected email accounts to quickly add these contacts to your address book or export them to Salesforce CRM, making it a must-have app for salespeople.


MightyMeeting (iOS/Android)

MightyMeeting, as the name suggests, improves your sales meetings game by letting you share content, applications, annotations, and drawings via your device. The app runs on Smartphones, Tablets, Chromebooks, and PCs, storing everything safely in the cloud for immediate access anytime, anywhere. It’s a great app to share your latest company videos or your sales presentations with your potential prospects while networking. Quickly switch between presentations, jump to any slide in a presentation, and zoom into the slide’s tiny details. Using MightyMeeting, sales reps can engage in unlimited meetings with slide and whiteboard sharing for the Web, Android, and iOS.


The Salesforce App (iOS/Android)

The Salesforce app is highly customizable, cross-platform and plug-and-play without the need for any setup. Its included with every Salesforce license and is one of the top CRM apps for salespeople. It grants sales reps access to a real-time view of all their CRM data, existing customizations, and productivity tools from anywhere, anytime, as all customer data, software and services are secured in an online cloud environment. The prospect information can easily be accessed, edited or added onto Salesforce soon after a meeting or an event. Salesforce CRM helps businesses increase productivity and scalability at a reduced cost.


Shapr (iOS/Android)

For sales reps, meeting potential clients is a golden opportunity to showcase their company and hit a deal at the right moment, and Shapr can expedite this entire process. Shapr is a mobile networking app that offers a daily dose of inspiring, like-minded people to meet nearby in your area. Shapr uses tagged interests, location and professional experience to suggest 10 to 15 inspiring profiles each day. Reps can even swipe anonymously and only receive notification when the interest is mutual – no unsolicited requests to chat. Using the app, reps can get in touch with the right people in seconds and easily go from online to offline by setting up an in-person meeting. Reps, when paired, can also see the other party’s social media profiles, allowing interaction across multiple platforms. Hence, reps can streamline their networking efforts and grow their contacts using Shapr.


Calendly (Web)

It is an easy to use robust scheduling solution for the reps networking requirements that can help them save time and speed up sales. Sales reps can simply set their own availability preference, share the link with their prospects, clients etc. and allow them to pick a suitable time, which is then automatically added to the reps calendar. Calendly can be integrated with Outlook, Office 365, iCloud and Google calendars. The app checks all calendars for conflicts to avoid dual-booking, and automate tasks with apps like Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Zapier and more. So, with Calendly, sales reps can make scheduling a simple, quick task.


Route4Me  (iOS/Android)

Route4Me is a route planning and optimization app that works for businesses of almost all sizes. Reps can simply type, copy/paste, or upload their list of customers or addresses that they need to visit. Tap Plan Route, see the optimized route on their computer and get it on their mobile right away, and travel the route. Optimized routes can be created for hundreds or thousands of personnel using the app, and they can be tracked real-time from a single dashboard. Sales reps can thus save time, see more customers a day and make more money using Route4Me.


Sales reps can use the above apps to gain a competitive edge and stay on top of the things.

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