If you are a networking pro from the business world, you can easily vouch for the efficacy of syncing your smartphone’s powerful camera with a robust card scanner app integrated with superior character-recognition technology. ScanBizCards app offers this and much more for both iOS and Android users.

Let’s focus on some interesting facts about the ScanBizCards app that makes it unique.


1. The app offers superior, quick and accurate double-sided card scanning along with a business card transcription feature. You can quickly scan your business cards using the ScanBizCards app, which features a superior OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to help you breeze through multiple cards quickly. In case of nontraditional layouts or glossy cards, where legibility may be hampered, the app offers manual transcription to ensure 100% accuracy.


2. In addition to the contact info, the apps allow you to capture their details by allowing you to create personal notes for each contact you save. This helps you jot down and remember important things about the contact for future use.


3. Before adding any contact info, the app asks for your consent. The app allows you to scan business cards to your phone and auto-populates the contact info for your convenience. It then offers you the option to review each item for accuracy. You will then be prompted to make edits or add more information, as needed, putting you in charge of the data that gets saved to your app.


4. SBC recognizes business cards in 22 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Italian, Greek, Danish and much more. So, scan and save your international contacts without getting worried about the language barriers.


5. Using ScanBizCards app with the AI-powered CircleBack app helps you to completely forget all about your contact management hassles, helping you network more effectively and meaningfully. CircleBack contact management app can help you with contact deduplication, contact completion, contact updates, and email signature capture to create a unified address book. And when SBC contacts are added to your address book, you can then have all your contacts from everywhere, up-to-date, accurate and all in one place for anytime use. This can help keep connections alive and get the stuff done.


6. The ScanBizCards app offers search and sort functionality for your card collection and allows you to send a quick intro email with a picture and your contact info to your new contacts. Moreover, you can flip through cards in cover flow 3D view.


7. ScanBizCards allows you to export contacts to a variety of CRMs or to the Excel (CSV) format. This format allows importing data into Microsoft Outlook, Exchange or other CRM tools, which are not supported by the app for direct export. This makes the app all the more useful.


8. Finally, ScanBizCards can be used by both individual users and corporations as it comes in three versions- a free lite version, a premium version and an enterprise edition.

ScanBizCards Enterprise (SBCE) edition is perfect for companies that deal with large volumes of data. The app helps to swiftly boost the sales funnel by increasing the flow of clean contact data into Salesforce CRM, offering unlimited options for company-specific data customization, full admin control of lead flow, and more. SBCE is available on AppExchange for a free 14-day trial. Get started with it now.


The above facts and features show that ScanBizCards is a highly effective tool for networkers and salespeople. Go ahead, give it a try and you will know how you can transform your business cards into actionable leads within seconds!

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