The festive season is in full swing, and holiday shopping is on everyone’s mind. This encourages people to begin their online search early on in anticipation of lucrative offers and discounts. So while people are already on a spending spree, perhaps this is a great time to capitalize on your prospects’ cheerful mood.

Plan strategically and creatively, and you can bolster your sales and marketing outcomes during this holiday season.


A Creative Mind and Clean, Updated, Robust Data is all You Need


While there’s no limit to how creative you can get with your marketing campaign or sales pitch, inadequate contact data can quite certainly be a limiting factor.

Coming back to the data– whether the contact data is manually saved on your phone’s address book, added from a business card scanning app, or captured through email signature capture; the data must be clean, accurate and up-to-date.

Once you are sure about your data quality, you can use the following tips to generate more leads this holiday season.


8 Useful Tips to Generate More Leads This Holiday Season


Offer useful downloadable content with the holiday season theme: Bundling an ebook, a tutorial video, or a white paper around the season’s holiday theme creates a great subliminal impact. Every download you get is a qualified prospect.

Offer a special unboxing experience: Delight your buyers during the holiday season. Surprise them with holiday colors, themes, images, customized messages, and content. Give them additional goodies for every new referral they make.

Use creative push notifications: Push notifications are a great way reach out to your prospects and customers directly using web/browser push or mobile push notifications. Couple it with a push SMS campaign to gain more attention.

Use intent signal monitoring to uncover moments of relevance: Tap into your customers’ intent, and offer compelling limited offer deals to those closest to a buying decision. The holiday season can be especially a great time to bring additional prospective leads.

Co-brand your campaign: Co-branding with a partner can help improve your website’s ranking and increase the traffic flow to your website speedily as brand mentions can have a significant positive impact on your brand perception. This can also help increase your search engine visibility in a short span of time.

Use social media to offer season’s discounts: Use social media campaigns and creative emails around the holiday season theme to make your potential customers aware of upcoming discounts a few days in advance, and make the deals easy to claim. Showcasing interactive videos or infographics reflecting the festive mood can boost engagement.

Use persuasive Call to Action: Correlate your call to action with a visual component to create a sense of urgency — for example, ‘Get your free eBook now’ is more effective than ‘Download your eBook’ to induce action.

Offer limited period discounts: Reach out to your prospects directly over email or push. Communicate assertively that the slashed prices are available only for a limited time to bring more prospects to your landing page.


Hence, incorporating holiday themes into your marketing endeavors at this time may be a good idea, and while it’s always beneficial to plan in advance, it’s still not too late. So, jump on the bandwagon, weave instant offers around Christmas carols, and ramp up some holiday cheer as a business.

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