ScanBizCards is an easy-to-use app that makes business card scanning a breeze. From swapping business cards during an event to sending an intro email to your new contacts, ScanBizCards has it all covered. Even though there are a number of business card reader apps in the market, ScanBizCards, with its powerful OCR technology, is a top choice.


What’s so special about ScanBizCards?


Not only is it simple to use, once you have a business card, you simply need to take a picture of it. The app will scan all the necessary contact information and parse it into the appropriate contact details fields using the OCR technology.

OCR uses pattern-recognizing algorithms to ‘decode’ business card scans. Its accuracy means that you don’t really need to do any manual input. Just confirm the results and the contacts are saved. Your cards are then instantly converted to digital contacts, and you can add a personal note to each one for future reference.

In case of tricky cards, you can also choose 100% manual business card transcription. Further, the app also allows double-sided business card scanning.

And that’s not all. Trade show mode allows you to save your contacts directly to your CRM when attending a networking event or convention.

The CRM integrations offered by the app provide yet another compelling reason to download this app. You can export your contacts to a variety of CRMs like Salesforce, SugarCRM and more, or to the Excel (CSV) format. In addition, you can quickly send an intro email to your new contact. The app also has an email signature capture feature fetching contact details from your emails.

ScanBizCards is thus a powerful and versatile business card reader app available for both iOS and Android devices and comes in three versions catering to the different needs of our customers.


The App Versions Based on Your Needs


ScanBizCards comes in three versions — ScanBizCards Lite, Premium, and Enterprise. ScanBizCards Lite is a free app for individual usage. The Premium version offers increased functionality. And if you are a company that deals with large volumes of data, you can benefit enormously from ScanBizCards Enterprise.

You can visit our webpage to know more about the app and related plans.




In a nutshell, tools like ScanBizCards can greatly increase your networking efficiency by helping to manage your pile of physical business cards. So, be a leader, digitize your contacts, save them with a personal note for future reference and send your intro email to the new contacts – all in a flash to bring your focus back to your real assets — people! ScanBizCards is, therefore, an indispensable tool for business networking. Download ScanBizCards today!

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