Before smartphones and social media networks became mainstream, business cards were the only way to exchange contact information.

With time, these cards evolved— with attractive fonts, varied color schemes, flashy paper and distinct looks, all contributing in helping businesses make a style statement.

The main purpose of a business card has always been to make an impression so good that you and your business remain fresh in the recipient’s memory.

While business cards still serve the same purpose, there are now a number of digital alternatives available to help you keep track of your contacts, reach out to your network, and showcase your brand.

But that doesn’t mean that the old fashioned business card is– or is going to be– dead any time soon.


Business Cards Are Still Alive And Kicking

There are valid reasons to get business cards printed, and to keep them handy.

First, the old school audience still prefers exchanging physical cards.

Second, no matter how fast-paced our digital live may have become, business cards are still the most personal form of information exchange.

Third, because of the above, personally exchanging business cards creates a human touch, giving the person you meet something to remember about you.

And finally, business cards are still considered a mark of professionalism.


While Business Cards Aren’t A Thing of the Past, Keeping Them Stacked Away Certainly Is

Puzzled? So what’s the point in taking somebody’s business card if you’re not going to keep it?

Well, there’s an answer to that question.

Most business cards end up at the bottom of a briefcase or lost in a drawer– completely forgotten, until a business opportunity arises. Now when you need that contact number, you have no clue where the person’s business card went.

What you should’ve done, of course, is saved the number on your CRM or database. But you didn’t, because, understandably, it’s a hassle trying to save a hundred odd cards manually.

Now here’s the hack.


Physical Cards With a Digital Interface: The Best of Both Worlds

It goes without saying that a physical business card, exchanged with a handshake, creates the kind of lasting memory a virtual interaction cannot replace.

This is where CircleBack’s ScanBizCards business card scanning app offers tremendous value.

CircleBack’s ScanBizCards app is a business card reader for smartphones built to help sales professionals and executives get the most out of networking events and meetings.

The ScanBizCards business card scanning app is equipped with OCR technology which enables the smartphone camera to recognize text characters on the card and automatically populate fields like name, title, company name, phone number and email.


Not Just a Card Scanner

ScanBizCards is more than just a business card scanning app. It also allows users to sync contacts between devices across Android and iOS using WebSync.

Another great feature is the app’s ability to scan email signatures to find additional contacts of people whom you’ve exchanged emails with but haven’t added to your address book.


It’s *The* Productivity Hack For Networking Events

The next time you go to a networking event, make sure to keep your business card scanning app with you.

Now that you can add your business card contacts to your phonebook in no time, your next networking event should help you to not just ‘connect’ with more people, but also ‘stay connected’.

Send them an intro email, call them, stay in touch, and close more business. Happy networking!

Learn more about effectively converting business cards to contacts with ScanBizCards here.

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