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Monthly API Plans for Software Developers:



CircleBack APIs

People Append

Through a simple email address or phone lookup in your contact database, CircleBack will provide highly relevant, appended business information, including Name, Title, Organization, Phone, Email, Postal Address, Social Handles (where available), and a “last known good” date.

Free Plan: 100 People
Enterprise: Included

100 People

CircleBack Enterprise APIs - People Append Included

Company Append

Stay in touch with any business—anywhere. With CircleBack’s Company Append API, you’ll have access to search by company domains and receive a full, accurate directory of business contact info, including normalized company name and, if available, company headquarters phone number and address.

Free Plan: 50 Companies
Enterprise: Included

50 Companies

CircleBack Enterprise APIs - Company Append Included

Email Capture

Discover and capture email contacts in an instant—across your organization. With CircleBack’s Email Capture API, you’ll automatically search connected inboxes, transforming email signature blocks into useful contact information and ensuring a high-volume, high accuracy contact data flow.

Free Plan: 50 Captures
Enterprise: Included

100 Captures

CircleBack Enterprise APIs - Email Capture Included

Business Card Scan (beta)

Transform business cards into useful contact data with ease! With CircleBack’s Business Card Scan API, you’ll harness best-in-class OCR scanning technology by turning timely manual data entry into instant productivity.

Free Plan: 100 Scans
Enterprise: Included

100 Scans

CircleBack Enterprise APIs - Business Card Scan Included


Prospect with the most accurate contact data on the market. With CircleBack’s Search API, you’ll supercharge your lead gen efforts with access to millions of high-accuracy contacts across organizations, industries, department and roles.

Free Plan: Not Included
Enterprise: Included

Not Included

CircleBack Enterprise APIs - Search Included

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How long does the free plan last?

The free plan renews monthly. Sign up for a free plan and you’ll receive 100 People Appends, 50 Company Appends, 100 Email Captures, and 100 Business Card Scans each month.

What is a match?

A match is any API response that returns additional data. For example, a match for People Append means CircleBack will return additional information based on a matched email or phone number. A match for Company Append means CircleBack will return additional information based on a matched domain. A match in the Search API means that CircleBack provides net new search results based on search criteria submitted by the user.

What if I need more data appended, captured or scanned?

Because our paid enterprise solutions are completely customizable, it’s easy to adjust services to meet your needs. Simply contact us, and we’ll bump up your plan so that you’ve got everything you need.

I have a large contact database — can you help?

Of course. Whether your database is in the hundreds of thousands, millions, or beyond, we offer a free data analysis. Contact us to get started with your free data analysis to see how we can enrich your current data.

Can you guarantee uptime?

Yes! We guarantee uptime for all enterprise customers. Please contact us for details.

Can you invoice me?

Yes! We offer invoicing for all enterprise customers. Please contact us for details.

I have more questions.

We have answers. Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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