Data Gathering & Privacy

CircleBack takes your privacy seriously.

So your information ended up in CircleBack. It’s not surprising. We currently manage the largest database of professional contact information on the planet. But just because you don’t currently use CircleBack doesn’t mean that we don’t take your privacy seriously.

So remember these two things:

We only manage and send updates for professional contact information.
Personal information will never be shared with anyone.

We’ve built an incredibly strong, multi-layered security process designed specifically
to ensure that contact info never ends up in the wrong hands.

Data Gathering - Largest Consumer & Business Database and Engine

SharedIQ—CircleBack’s proprietary data engine—processes all user contributions (like when someone scans your business card or captures your email signature in CircleBack) without any interference or oversight from actual people. Only algorithms interact with your information.

Data Gathering - Largest Consumer & Business Database with Crowsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a key part of the CircleBack process. All of our users contribute the professional contact information they have (including, most likely, yours). These contributions ensure that CircleBack’s SharedIQ engine is able to provide great updates to everyone, and does so in a way that never puts any of your personal information at risk.

Data Gathering - Largest Consumer & Business Database Privacy

Anonymity plays a critical role in CircleBack’s data gathering. Even though users contribute unique data to SharedIQ, all source information (i.e. who contributed what) is stripped away before processing. That way, there are no “contribution” records, ensuring that your relationships stay private.

Data Gathering - Largest Consumer & Business Database with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the lynchpin of CircleBack’s “secret sauce.” All user contributions are anonymized and joined together in a large pool, where our SharedIQ data engine uses artificial intelligence to sort and process everything—and determine which contact information is the most up-to-date. These updates are then delivered back to the CircleBack users who had you in their address books initially*, making it easier than ever for your contacts and connections to keep in touch with you.

*Contact updates are only delivered to CircleBack users who have an adequate amount of information to “prove” a relationship with you. Users cannot simply enter your name and a fake email address and wait. They must provide information that matches our previous entries before they’ll receive any new contact information for you.

Opting Out of CircleBack’s Database

We encourage you to try the app yourself before requesting that any data be removed from CircleBack. CircleBack exists to help colleagues and connections stay in touch, and we’d hate for you to lose track of a meaningful contact, or for people to lose track of you.

To try CircleBack, download here.

If you still wish to have your information removed from CircleBack, send an email using the button below. Be sure to include your first and last name, your title and employer, as well as your email address and phone number. We will remove your information promptly.

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