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Business Card Scanner

Transform a business card into actionable information within your address book, and keep all your scanned cards backed-up in a safe place.

ScanBizCards Features and Benefits

A Forbes Top-5 networking tool, ScanBizCards is the easiest way to scan cards to your digital address book with our iOS and Android apps. And our free WebSync service securely uploads new cards to your personal account in the cloud, allowing you to keep multiple devices in sync.


ScanBizCards utilizes best-in-class Optical Character Recognition and supports scanning in 23 languages, enabling you to add a business card to your address book, export it into a spreadsheet, or add it directly into a CRM application.

Digital Rolodex

Your cards are displayed in a scrollable list with a thumbnail of the photo, the contact name, company name, and the date the scan was made. ScanBizCards also supports assigning new contacts to groups in your iPhone address book, and you’re also able to create new groups that map directly to your Outlook groups.

Follow Up

With ScanBizCards, it’s possible to scan a card, add it to your address book, and send a quick intro email and a LinkedIn invite in under 2 minutes! You can also add calendar reminders to follow-up with a contact; the reminder syncs with your iPhone, Outlook, iCal, and Google calendars.

WebSync Cloud Backup

ScanBizCards WebSync automatically saves each new card you scan to our secure server in the cloud, ensuring you have everything needed to restore the card. WebSync also lets you access your digital rolodex from any browser and keeps all your devices – such as your iPhone and iPad – in sync with the same set of cards!

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